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Love stories are sometimes pathetic.

So finally i decided to get my lazy self to continue writing.
And here is my story...
I was an ordinary girl with an ordinary face, a plump body and not so genius girl. Everything was fine and cool and all those happy typical moments that you saw in the movies like I was a girl with loads of foods, funny friends and good grade, well at least i didn’t fail you know. So I considered my grade is good, not that great but it was good enough to avoid me from torturing my ears with my parents’ nagging. 
And then one day I decided to fall in love.
I remembered that first time I met him. I was 10 years old at that time. Too young to fall in love. Too young too dumb to realised. I know. I was sitting at the back of the classroom and he sat at the front of the classroom. I was talking with my friends, talking about that song that went viral during those days. That frickin ketchup song. So I was dancing, moving my head, my hands and my whole body following the steps of the ketchup’s dance and he…

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