Thing about love is, it is unpredictable

Love. Love is a powerful word. Can make a person lost his appetite, can make a person do fatuous things, can make a person forgets his own misery and sometimes the cause of a person misery. As a normal person, feeling love is essential in this world. Love is like an element for a person to stay as a person.

With love there wil be new life, and with love too can end a person’s life.

on a person’s definition of love.\

Some might say that “if you love her, then you let her go” while some say that “if you love her get her”

Love is a beautiful thing. 

Sometimes, it pains me to see that because of love some people choose to end lifes, some choose to be bad. When love turns into something evil, it is no longer love it is called obsession. When you love something, you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt it.

You want other people to love you, to see the beauty in your flaws, to see perfection in imperfection, to feel the butterflies when they see you but 

then again 

do you love you?

People cannot love you, unless you learn to love yourself. You need to be proud of who you are. You can shine no matter what kind of a person you are as long as you accept yourself.

I know loving who we are is not as easy as we thought because we know what are our weaknesses, what are flaws, what things that bring us down but as long as you endure it you will be fine. I know. I have been there. 



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